On this journey through life, we encounter a plethora of people. Each individual in style, character and approach.

If we imagine our own life as a body of water with a mirror like surface, the people we meet influence that body in a myriad of ways. The surface may be disturbed as if by a small drop, or a massive boulder. The ripples reverberating in a style akin to the impact created.

It may be others influence as if a breeze, or a hurricane. Ripple radiating out in more predictable patterns, or total chaos.

Under the surface, that influence may or may not be witnessed. Possibly disturbances on the surface, or current with varying force affecting the whole body.

Then there is the constraints on the body of water – the shape of the sides, the expanse and depth, the unknown cartography of the bed.

All these factors intermingle to create the essence of the ‘personality’ of that ocean, sea, river, lake, pond, puddle … or droplet. Our interactions with the people we meet on this life journey have a similar resonance.

But we rarely, if ever, acknowledge the effect or impact that we have on each other. When I look back on the roads and paths I have taken in my life and career, the influences have been a combination of my own interests, attitude and approach.

However, most powerfully, are what people have done, said, listened, or reacted and created a change in the water body I inhabit – or more accurately, from my perspective, the thoughts, actions and behaviours that make up the ‘water body that is me’.

So, as this blog progresses, my hope is that it helps those who read it recognise those small and big influences, and how those influences ‘ripple out’ to influence others.

Primarily, I am doing it to help me recognise the many influences on myself. And through these stories show my gratitude to those who have shaped the path, and helped the choices, I have made.

Ripples (1)



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